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Are you looking for the best teeth whitening course in Canada or the United States? Look no further than The Diamond Smile. Teeth whitening treatment is one of the fastest growing and most sought-after procedures in the aesthetics industry. Here at The Diamond Smile, we are committed to provide the highest standards in equipment, products and training. As our student, we make sure that you are confident and fully-equipped with the skills and knowledge as you start your teeth whitening business.

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Our Teeth Whitening Course

If you would like to start your own teeth whitening business in the exciting world of aesthetics, this is the right place to start. Head over to our Teeth Whitening Course page or click the button below.

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It’s a Safe Procedure

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a safe, fast and effective treatment.

Certified Instructors

Certified Teeth Whitening Professionals that can help you get started.

Add this Service to your Spa

This service has a large profit margin.

Start your own Business

Start up your own teeth whitening business, it is easy, and affordable.

Certified Products

All our products are made in North America.

Exclusive Products

Our Certified Professionals can purchase products from us at a wholesale price.

  • Margie Miranda Avatar
    Margie Miranda

    Thank you, The Diamond Smile Diamond smile really does work! The treatment was simple and effective! After I get off the table, I was genuinely surprised as my teeth are super white. I think I saw them sparkle at one point. I truly recommend this to everyone and have been to all my friends!

    Michelle Ta Avatar
    Michelle Ta

    Maria was an amazing instructor I highly recommend the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening training with Diamond Smile. Maria was an amazing instructor and was very informative and thorough with here course!

    Rachel Rojas Avatar
    Rachel Rojas

    Maria did an amazing job Maria did an amazing job, very informative and oh boy our products works like magic.

    Anyone of you are thinking about this gig, I highly recommend Maria. She give the best 24/7 support as well.

    Thanks Maria!
    More power to you!

    Now, may I please place an order, we are getting busy here in Vancouver.

  • Rachel Flores Avatar
    Rachel Flores

    I am very satisfied! I had my teeth whitening training with The Diamond Smile and I am very satisfied with the way the training was delivered! Very detailed and easy to understand. Maria is a very knowledgeable instructor and answered all of my questions! I am so looking forward to enhancing client's smile through teeth whitening!

    Highly recommend!


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